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Welcome to the Blessed Sacrament Outreach School

On behalf of all staff, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our program.  This handbook is designed to give you an introductory look into what our Outreach program has to offer.   Let us know if you have questions.

Overview of the Program

Blessed Sacrament Outreach School is an alternative high school operating under the jurisdiction of East Central Alberta Catholic Schools.  It is primarily meant to serve those students of high school age who have found it difficult to achieve success in a traditional school setting.


Provide learning in a nurturing environment in order that students may become responsible, respectful and accepting individuals.


The goal of Blessed Sacrament Outreach School is to help students successfully continue their education by completing courses.

We believe that with the support and encouragement of parents and teachers, and the commitment of the student, success will be achieved.

Our school is for high school students who:

...are independent motivated learners.

...are not presently attending school and want to return to their studies.

...are at risk of leaving school.

...are recommended by the administrator of another school.

...need more courses to receive their diploma.

...need to upgrade their marks to quality for post-secondary entry.

...need a flexible timetable to accommodate their work schedule.


Blessed Sacrament Outreach School is a fully accredited high school for students and adult learners needing to complete high school courses.



All new students must complete a registration package and intake interview prior to acceptance into the program.  Once the registration package is completed, the student will meet with their teacher to discuss specific needs and goals.  During this meeting, a personalized education plan will be developed.  The personalized education plan will outline the course needed and timeline for completion. 


Establish your goals

Clarify the expectations and commitment required in the program

Select the courses you need

Develop an attendance schedule

You must include the following:

Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate

Legal First and Last Name

Name of the Last school attended and contact person (phone number if possible)


Any student between the ages of 15-19 years is eligible for registration at Blessed Sacrament Outreach.  Eligibility does not guarantee acceptance.  Students must have a personal interview with Blessed Sacrament Outreach Staff to determine the suitability of programming for the student's educational needs.  Staff may also require time to gather additional information.

All students are expected to complete courses in a timely manner.  Full-time students must complete at least 15 credits per semester.  Students may be required to complete non-core course work prior to starting core work.

All students are accepted on a probationary period and only one semester at a time.  Students are required to follow their attendance contracts and hand in assignments as per goals scheduled.  Failure to do so will result in withdrawal from the Outreach School.




Full-Time Student – Attending school from 9:00-3:00 Each Day

Part-Time Student  Attending less than fulltime

($275.00)  = $125.00 Instructional Resource Fee + $150.00 Text Rental Deposit for the year.  Text Rental fee must be paid in advance before any textbooks, ADLC or Revelation OnLine registrations have been given out.  This fee is refundable when textbooks materials and ADLC $25.00/Revelation OnLine $75.00 non-completion fees have been deducted.

$30.00 Physical Education Fee for students enrolled in Physical Education courses.

All Upgrading Students (A Student that has received a Diploma) (Refundable upon completion of course)

$150.00 per course + registration and caution fees must be paid in advance.  The upgrading fee will be refunded on successful completion of the course.



Rick Roberts


Sandra Pochylko


Sheryl Tipler





WEBSITE: Visit our website to discover the most up-to-date information about staff lists and contact information, a calendar of events, diploma exam information.



Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Lunch 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Break times 10:15 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 1:45 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Please check the calendar for school dates and closures.


Breakfast for Learning is available each morning to every student.




Counseling is available for high school programs, courses, post-secondary education, and careers.  Referrals can be made for personal counseling.  Students are encouraged to have open communications with the staff.  Helpful links are available on our website.

Computer Use

Computers are available for student use.  Students are to obtain permission to use the computers prior to access by obtaining a User ID and password.  Computers have Internet access for educational use only.  Software programs installed on instructors’ computers allow teachers full access to student’s screens.



In order to be successful at Blessed Sacrament Outreach School, students must commit a reasonable amount of academic progress and appropriate behavior.  With the student, parent(s)/guardian(s) and teacher working as a team with open, continuing communication, there is an opportunity to meet all goals.  A serious commitment to the student’s educational program means everyone makes a positive contribution.

The conduct of our students in accordance with Section 12 of the School Act of the Province of Alberta, states:

A student shall conduct himself or herself so as to reasonably comply with the following Code of Conduct:

Be diligent in pursuing the student’s studies;

Attend school regularly and punctually;

Cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs    and other services;

 Comply with the rules of the school;

Account to the student’s teachers for the student’s conduct;

Respect the rights of others.

If students are not following the above, the following steps will be used to assist in improvement:

  1. Meeting with student and Principal to agree on a plan for improvement

  2. Contact home to ask for parent/guardian input and support in solving the problem

  3. Meeting with parent/guardian, student and principal to set up a performance “Contract”

  4. Removal from the Program.



We believe that regular attendance is required for students to be successful in the Outreach program.  An attendance plan and contract will be developed by the student, parent, and principal at the registration interview.

Students are expected to attend as per Attendance Contract: Monday to Friday:  Morning and/or afternoon and/or evenings. 

Students’ parents must phone, text or email the school if their son or daughter is going to be late or absent for that day.

A student must notify the teacher when they are leaving the school during their assigned school hours.

Students, parents, and teacher will develop an attendance plan that is suitable for each individual student.  If the student is not at school during said contract time, a phone call will be made home each time.  Changes in attendance contract plan will be followed-up with a phone call to parent.

Students who are not progressing in their courses and are absent without contacting the school may be withdrawn from their courses.  Parents are encouraged to update contact numbers and email regularly.



Transportation will be supplied from November to March (depending on weather) to those in need.

Bussing is available.  Please let the office know and arrangements will be made.

Wainwright Public Library memberships will be paid for by our school for the school year.  (September-June) Late fees or lost books will be the student’s responsibility or amount owing to the library will be deducted from the textbook rental fee.

Town of Wainwright Communiplex passes will be signed out to our Physical Education students only free of charge. Monthly log sheets must be handed in at the end of each month.



Students have access to the program for up to 1196 hours/year and must attend on a regular basis as per their determined schedule.

A full-time student should complete 15 credits per semester.  Assignments must be completed and handed in on a regular basis.

A completed application form is required for all students applying to the Blessed Sacrament Outreach.

Students may enter an ADLC course at any time (with teacher approval), but withdrawal from a course along with subsequent withdrawal from the school may take place if a student is not half done by 60 days from registration date.


The key rule is respect for the school, staff and each other.


Cell Phone Use:  Cell phones need to be turned off during school time since they disrupt other students and staff.  Failure to do so will result in a student having to check it in with a staff member each day until the end of the day.  Students are allowed to use the school phone and must keep the call brief.  I Pods may be used with headphones.

Dress Code:  Students are allowed to dress in the manner that they choose as long as it is appropriate. Students are not allowed to wear clothing that has offensive logos or printing on them.  No mid-riff showing for anyone, please.

Drugs/Alcohol:  Drugs or alcohol are not to be found in or on students while they are at school or on field trips.  Students disregarding this policy are subject to suspension and/or expulsion.  If students are suspended for any of the above reasons, attending AADAC is required as well as a parent meeting in order to resume attending the outreach school.

Smoking:   Students are not allowed to smoke in the school nor within 5 meters of school exits. 

Parking:  Students can park in the parking lot on the far side near the back-alley.

Language:  Students must refrain from using inappropriate language.

Bullying:  Under no conditions is bullying allowed by anyone attending Blessed Sacrament Outreach School.  This includes verbal, emotional, and physical bullying.  Students involved in any type of bullying will be suspended and/or expelled and required to take bullying awareness workshops or counseling sessions prior to resuming attendance.


It is the student's’ responsibility to attend regularly and to adhere to the due dates.  Students who start falling behind should contact their teacher as soon as possible.  Several support services are available to assist students in completing their courses.  If students do not turn in work, attend or contact their teacher, they or their parents will receive a phone call from the school staff to discuss the reasons for lack of progress.  If a student is unable to be contacted by phone, a letter will be sent.  Repeated lack of progress will result in the student being withdrawn from the course.  Students wishing to be reactivated will need to meet with staff and received permission prior to being reactivated and resuming their coursework. Acceptable standards of academic behavior such as arriving with necessary working materials (binder, paper, pens, pencils, calculators, etc.), being able to work independently without disturbing others, and continued self-motivation through the setting and accomplishments of daily short term goals are necessary to be successful in all school subjects.

As soon as an assignment is completed, it is to be handed in to the teacher so it can be marked.  If little or no progress is being made the teacher will be in contact with the student and/or parent and a solution to the problem will be worked out.  Continuous lack of progress can lead to withdrawal or re-working of the student’s personal education plan. 



The weighting for all course work will be 50% - 100% of the final mark depending upon the course.  This will include module/unit assignments, projects, quizzes, chapter tests, and notes.  The remaining percentage will be determined by the final exam.  A student’s mark will not include the teacher’s assessment of behavior, attitude or effort.  The mark on the student’s report card will indicate the success the student has had in achieving the prescribed curriculum outcomes for a specific program of studies. 



If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the teacher.  If a parent/guardian disagrees with a school-based decision, the proper appeal procedure should be followed:



Superintendent; and Board of Trustees



There are 2 formal reporting periods (January and June). Students receive course marks as they complete assignments for each course, and parents and students have 24/7 access to mark information through PowerSchool.  Blessed Sacrament Outreach School does not have formal parent-teacher interview days. Parents are encouraged to stop by at any time to check on their students progress.  We are open Thursday nights for parents who work during the day.  


The course materials used at Blessed Sacrament Outreach School will be from Alberta Distance Learning, Edmonton Catholic School Board Revelation Online or on-site school modules.  Students are expected to maintain textbooks they borrow in good condition and return them when the coursework is complete.  The cost of lost or damaged textbooks will be charged to the student.  A student cannot register in new courses until all textbooks from previous courses have been returned or paid. Your work is marked by the Outreach staff, and you will be given feedback on your work.  Always see your subject teacher for additional questions or concerns. If a student decides to withdraw from the course, a final mark will be awarded if the student has completed half of the coursework.



Be considerate and respectful toward others in the school including other students, staff, and guests.

Follow through on commitments regarding attendance, punctuality, and achievement after setting realistic goals according to your person’s situation and ability.

Demonstrate responsibilities by contacting the teacher with you are unable to attend

Have respect for the school and other persons’ property

Ask for help when needed

Respect that everyone has the right to an education and that no one has the right to interfere with other students’ learning situations

Respect the staff’s authority to make decisions and directions

Maintain regular, meaningful contact (minimum of once per week) with your teachers

Attend regularly enough to make acceptable progress in your courses according to your ability and circumstances

Contribute positively to the school with involvement in activities

Take pride and responsibility in the care of the building

Students must ½ done their course within 60 days or may be withdrawn



Be professional, considerate and respectful toward others in the school including students, guests, and staff

Treat students equally and fairly according to their personal situations

Help students to set up short and long term goals

Assist students with their studies and daily routines

Maintain communication between home, school, and students

Report progress, attendance, concerns, and achievements

Be responsible for mentoring and advising students

Provide assistance with the daily responsibility for maintaining a quiet and safe work environment

Foster an honest and positive self-image in each student

Provide the development of positive, useful relationships among students and others

Maintain a minimal weekly contact with the student as a mentor or tutor

Contribute positively to the school with ideas and involvement to the non-academic areas of the school

Provide students with a learning environment free from physical, emotional and social abuse.




If you are planning to graduate during this school year, you should inform the school staff at the time of registration.  We will be generating a graduation list on an ongoing basis and confirming this throughout the school year.  Only students who have completed all of their graduation requirements will be permitted to celebrate at graduation. Traditionally the Blessed Sacrament Outreach School has a graduation celebration each year in June. 


Parents are free to contact the school at any time to discuss progress and marks. Students are responsible for being aware of deadlines in relation to diploma course completion, and the Alberta Education diploma exam schedule.  Please contact our school staff or the Alberta Education website for this schedule.

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